You can download here Java applets. The binary code and the source code are free of charge to use, access and modify under the terms of the GNU General Public License. In addition to the source code, you will find for each applet a brief description and some use examples. For some of them, a document explains how the applet has been programmed. An (in French) is also proposed, it is meant for people who already know C++ and want to learn quickly the bases of Java. Here is the list of the available applets.

  • Displays a number as in an LCD screen.

  • Displays date and time in various forms.

  • Animation that forms a sand heap.

  • Animation that displays the skeleton of a 3D object.

  • Animation that shows how a fractal is built.

  • Animation that illustrates a method improving the layout of a graph.

  • Implementation of the famous game Tetris invented by Alexey Pajitov.

Some applets are also available in the course on (in French).

  • Animation that shows how to solve the tower of Hanoi game.

  • Interactive applet to understand better the binary trees and how they are balanced.

More information on the Java language is available .