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    Hypermedia Synchronization Problems
and Reusable Components for Graphs (PhD Thesis)
    Reusable Components for Visual Simulation (MS Thesis)    
    Theory of Object-Oriented Programming    
    Exercises on UML Modeling    
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    B++ Simulator Framework: Discrete Visual Simulation    
    Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in C++    
    Elements of Generic Metaprogramming    
    Programming in C++11    
    Algorithmic and Object-Oriented Programming in C++    
    UML Diagram of the STL Containers        
    Designing Generic Algorithms for Operations Research        
    Controlling Template Specialization with Concepts in C++        
    Expression Templates with Concepts        
    Introduction to Java    
    Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in Java    
    Mobile Programming on Android    
    Operations Research    
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    Exercises on Data Structures    
    Generate Graphs or Graph Problems Online    
    Object-Oriented and Event Programming in JavaScript    
    Object-Oriented and Event Programming in TypeScript    
    Information Systems with PHP and MySQL    
    Information Systems and Content Management    
    Object-Oriented and Event Programming in ActionScript    
    How to Draw an Object in 3D ?        
    Introduction to Fractals        
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    LCD Number Applet        
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  Curriculum Vitae        
    Achieving Reusability in Visual Simulation of a Parts Distribution System        
    Synchronization Problems in Hypermedia Documents        
    Elastic Time Computation for Hypermedia Documents        
    Optimization of the Presentation of a Hypermedia Document        
    Minimum Convex-Cost Tension Problems on Series-Parallel Graphs        
    Hypermedia Synchronization: Modeling and Optimization with Graphs        
    Minimum Convex Piecewise Linear Cost Tension Problem on Quasi SP-Graphs        
    Bus Routing Problems: Coupling of Optimization Methods and Simulation        
    Aggregation Approach for the Minimum Binary Cost Tension Problem        
    Modeling of Routing Problems in GMPLS Networks        
    Model Enhancement: Improving Theoretical Optimization with Simulation        
    Enhancing Theoretical Optimization Solutions by Coupling with Simulation        
    Designing Generic Algorithms for Operations Research        
    Elastic Time Computation in QoS-Driven Hypermedia Presentations        
    UNIF: a Simulation Framework for Numerical Integration Models        
    Coupling Numerical Integration Models: Granularity and Computational Sequence        
    Template Metaprogramming Techniques for Concept-Based Specialization        
    Cost Models for Selecting Materialized Views in Amazon EC2 and S3        
    A GRASP Heuristic to Optimize the Materialization of Views in the Cloud        
    Cost Models for Selecting Materialized Views in Public Clouds        
    Designing Expression Templates with Concepts        
    Static Loop Parallelization Decision Using Template Metaprogramming        
    Parallel Algorithmic Skeletons for Metaheuristics        
    Modeling Algorithmic Skeletons Using Template Metaprogramming        
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