This report shows that it is possible to achieve reusability in the design of a model with VSE. The reason of the success in such a process is due to the object-oriented concepts and the component-based possibilities that VSE offers. They allow defining components that can really be reused in other models. Moreover, the graphic interface of VSE and the possibility of representing graphically the simulation model and the reusable components facilitate the reuse of components.

However, the design of reusable components is an incremental process. Lots of prototypes must be done before achieving a really reusable component. That means the designer must investigate to find as many and various use cases as possible to experiment the reusability of its components, and adjust or complete them if necessary.

To conclude about the libraries we designed, we can say that the spot library actually offers possibilities of reuse, but because it is time consuming, this library must be modified, and even redesigned completely to obtain a more time efficient library. The clock library seems complete, and due to the lot of tests performed, we think it is ready to be used as a standard in VSE.

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