First, I would like to thank my director for this internship, Dr. Balci, for welcoming me at Virginia Tech, for his advice, his encouragement and confidence during this project.

Many thanks to the people of the Department of Computer Science and Orca Computer, Inc., for their welcome and their help during this internship. Especially, I would like to thank Gengiz Ulusarac for his patience and advice during my learning of VSE.

Then, I thank every people in France and in United-States who help me before and during this new experience. Especially, I am grateful to my teacher Dr. Mazel who follows me during the internship, and to my friend Rénald Auvray for his advice and help to prepare my stay in the United-States.

I am very grateful to my parents for their full support and help during all my studies and especially this stay in the United-States.

Finally, I want to thank my schools, the ISIMA and the Université Blaise Pascal, as well as the Conseil Général de Saône-et-Loire for their financial support.

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